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What is the OPAT PMS?

The Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy Patient Management System (OPAT PMS) is a secure, N3 hosted, cloud-based solution, that enables the management and reporting of patients by locally capturing and monitoring the OPAT patient journey. Built in conjunction with 12 NHS OPAT services, the PMS is a versatile system that helps encourage best practise but is also flexible to deal with unique service requirements.


Upload and triage patients. Access their needs and suitability and either accept the patient onto the virtual ward or reject them for OPAT. Upload basic demographic data as well as treatment plan for OPAT.

Virtual Ward

Search and find all current OPAT Patients. Segment these patients into cohorts using filters. Update the patient record with information regarding their treatment, from Allergies, Blood Results and Therapies to Oral Step Down and OPAT Outcomes.


Use a selection of pre-defined reports or make your own to help you analyse your OPAT data. All the data entered into the system is reportable, enabling in-depth analysis of the OPAT service and justification of costs.

Patient Feedback

Use the patient feedback questionnaire to capture valuable insights from the patient’s perspective. Pre-built questions allow for benchmarking and free text fields capture addtional comments. All feedback is anonymous and can be downloaded into reports.

Custom Service Setup

Customize your data lists, editing anything from Anti-infectives to Blood Tests. You can select which patient are auto-audited and logged against the patient record. Service bed costs, CCGs/ Health Boards can also be added.

Service Management

Print off drug usage reports to make sure supplies don’t run low. Analyse where your patients are coming from and which CCGs are saving the most bed days. Use pre-saved filters and reports to run off weekly admin reports within minutes, ensuring more time is spent on patient care.

How It Works

The OPAT PMS makes managing an OPAT service, simpler, more effective and safer. No physical install is needed, the service is cloud-based, all you need to access is the system is an N3 connection and a username and password.

Try the PMS

Book an online demo to see how the system works. If you think the product will be beneficial to your service sign up for a free trial.

Get Approval

Build a business case, using old patient data or data from the trial. Get buy-in from colleagues and submit the case for approval and funding.

System Setup

Once approved and the contract is signed we can grant you access to your online service. Customise your setup and upload your patients.

We understand money is tight…

With no national tariffs in place funding for any OPAT Service can be difficult to obtain and maintain. Saving bed days might save the CCG money, but the hospital may be losing out. OPAT offers cross-departmental benefits to the whole healthcare economy. To prove this we will offer the OPAT PMS free for 6 months.

You can upload your historical data and take advantage of the PMS’s powerful reporting functionality. Or start afresh and build your service around the pre-defined fields and help streamline the way your service operates.