Improved search and patient cohorting helps to speed up navigating the virtual ward. Dynamic filters change depending on the patients in the ward, which ensures only up-to-date relevant information is shown at all times.

Only see what information is relevant for you or the consultant on call. Filter patients by Ward, Consultant, CCG, Referring speciality and much more.

Capturing all elements of the OPAT patient journey is critical to measuring the success of an OPAT service but also for ensuring the highest level of patient care is given.

Main Features

  • Allow sorting of the patient list by dynamic  filters
  • Search for individuals easily by patient name or NHS number
  • Cross-reference fields to create a cohort of patients for review or reporting (e.g. males, on cefazolin, with a diagnosis of cellulitis)
  • Print your patient list directly from the ward itself

The Patient Journey

The OPAT PMS segments the patient journey into key areas, where specific data is entered along the way;

Diagnosis and Past Medical History
OPAT Administration
Oral Stepdown

Auditing ensures full transparency, each action is logged showing what the fields were before and after the change.

System automation helps prevent errors and improves upon patient care. Adverse reactions and allergies are logged against the patient record. If re-admitted these are logged in the new record which helps to ensure the patient is not given an incorrect treatment.