Keeping track of what goes on in a service can be difficult, especially with remote teams and multiple consultants and nurses working in different locations. The in-built service management allows for consultants to be assigned to patients in the virtual ward, as well as assigning patients to different wards, CCGs and Health Boards.

How many anti-infectives and what dosages are being prescribed can be hard to monitor and capture, resulting in low drug supplies or delay in the start of therapy. The PMS allows for usage reports to be generated, showing what drugs current patients are on along with these dosages. These reports can be easily generated and printed or sent to Pharmacy staff who purchase the OPAT supplies.

Data consistency is of fundamental importance and the flexibility to allow multiple users to access and edit records is a key requirement. The PMS will notify a user if someone else has changed the patient record whilst they are on it. The system saves each item individually meaning nothing will get overridden and staff are always using the most up-to-date record avaliable.