Reporting can be carried out by accessing any of the pre-built reports, or by making your own via flexible reporting. The pre-built reports were designed by a BSAC led OPAT steering committee and help provide an overall picture of the OPAT service focusing on key information.


The Flexible reporting allows you to apply filters to the existing reports and group this information in multiple different ways, giving unique insights into how your service is run. By cross-referencing different aspects of the data collected you can run an in-depth analysis of your OPAT service.

When a custom report has been created it can be saved, and used in the future. The reports can also be printed or the patient records themselves can be viewed and accessed.

The reporting in the OPAT PMS helps cut down on administrative tasks and helps you access critical service information such as; bed days saved, most common anti-infective used and how many patients successfully completed OPAT.